Club goin’ up on a Tuesday - xxxx

Unt.tled is now live. Enjoy our first single ‘Revisited’.

Tomorrow we are launching our independent record label & artist collective, Unt.tled. Our talented roster (AldoTommy JacobY E V R SPVNDVShagabond & Pyxis) is excited to bring some good vibes to all of y’all!

Follow us on soundcloud as we’re set to launch our first single tomorrow

Aldo -
The Theorist -
Tommy Jacob -
Y E V R S - 
Shagabond -
Pyxis -

Shades of Cool - xxxx.

Hey, stop what you’re doing for a sec and watch this video. I just wanna say I love you guys. 




1v1 is a seductively alluring and provocative gem I was lucky enough to preview some time ago, and it’s with much pleasure I get to finally share the sultry tune with you today. The smooth track is a new release by Rochester future soul artist mdnt (midnight), whose velvety vocals melted me the moment I first heard his R&B crooning. 1v1 is produced by Toronto’s The Theorist, whom I’ve featured previously with much gusto, due to his adept skillfulness at creating dazzling shadowy and downtempo electronic soundscapes. 1v1 is certainly a grooving slow jam you’ll want to put on your next mixtape for your bae, with its honeyed sweetness and sexy nuance. It’s like a steamy mix of D’Angelo, Frank Ocean, and inc. or How To Dress Well. 

My new song I produced for @itsmdnt premiered on indie shuffle today. Check it out and give it lots of 💛💙💜💚❤️💚💜💙💛

Photo by @everything_derekhui (at The Milky Way)

New notes are up via Freebird Notes which includes Flume's “Drop The Game”, SAM SMITH's “Lay Me Down”, BANKS's “Brain” and Drake & The Weeknd's “Crew Love”. 

Sam Smith - Lay Me Down - xxxx.


Turning it down, a lot, with this foggy, sensual track Down 4 U, from Toronto’s The Theorist. On the seductive and texture heavy track, he samples Brandy’s 1994 hit I Wanna Be Down, which I haven’t heard in so dang long that I had the hardest time placing a finger on which track it was, considering the hundreds of tunes muddling my mind at any one moment. The wobbly, heady Down 4 U is a gorgeous, slick listen, brilliantly crafted and full of lush opulence, fading softly with such tender, jazzy piano touches at the end.

at Stouffville, Ontario


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