Ms. Jackson (at Coachella Music Festival, Indio, California)


With the coachella squad… So excited!

🏃 (at Runyon Canyon - Los Angeles / Hollywood)


Hi @julielele 。◕‿‿◕。


4 U TCHAIKOVSKY (at Большой театр / Bolshoi Theatre)

Here goes.

Well, I’m not one to normally blog but this shall be the first written post. I really want to begin this by telling you all how thankful I am for all my supporters. Thank you for sharing/spreading/loving/liking and all things possible. It means a lot!

As you’ve probably noticed or wondered, how come I haven’t put out any projects lately. Well, I was going through some crazy times in 2013… basically going through a “Quarter Life Crisis”. Yes, that shit sucks hard. I never thought I’d fall into a trap that sucked the living soul out of me but I did. Basically, I did not know what I wanted in life anymore. I did not know which career path I wanted to take anymore. I was getting VERY worried for the future. I have studied music my whole life but did not know what to do with it. Yes, that is the truth. After university, I still did not know what to do with life. At this point, I was not into music production or anything yet. It was not until someone brought me into a studio 3 years ago and I pretty much fell in love. Yep, so I started learning everything from production to songwriting to mixing and engineering and shit, I was really motivated/inspired to do this. I was thinking man, I gotta keep getting better everyday. Just knowing what you wanted to do was the best feeling in the world. Until the quarter life crisis got to me. Yes, it snuck up on me *sniff sniff*. SO…. for the past 8 months or so.. I landed a job at a marketing agency and I’ve been doing this “9-5” stuff during the day and music at night. Let me tell you.. it is hard.. At first when I got the job, I thought man this will be no probs, I’ll be a daytime email specialist and night time musician. But once 5 o clock hits, more than half your energy is gone. All you want to do is like relax and watch tv or something. Though I still tried to work my butt off at night, it was getting to the point where I had a hard time focusing on anything. It’s gotten to the point of…

WELL.. I relapsed. Yes, this week, I QUIT all my jobs and MUSIC IS THE GRIND AGAIN. Soooooo relieved when I figured out my life again. I am even planning to head out to Cali for a few months with the decision I made. I know, it is a lot take in but what the hell, I am only getting older!
So after the Coachella festival, I am planning to stay in L.A. for a couple months and just network and grind my ass off until I run out of money. This has got to be one of the most awakening events that ever happened to me. Suddenly, I just knew what I wanted in life again. It just made sense.

So the moral of my story is… really do something you love and do not give it up. EVER. Perfect your craft and be consistent with it. Take risks because you really have nothing to lose. Trust your instincts. I know it sounds cliche but it’s the real deal. 



Keep ya family close and your based family closer - Lil B 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

happinessbk asked: I love your covers so much, soo damn much. Keep up the good work

thank you.

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